California Baby Survives Toilet Birth

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A mother due to have her baby in two weeks got the surprise of her life when she delivered a baby boy in her California bathroom. And she has a calm and collected friend and 9-1-1 dispatcher to thank for helping her through the process.

The Bakersfield mom-to-be was 38 weeks along when she had to go to the restroom Thursday. Moments later, she delivered her baby in the toilet of the bathroom.

Fortunately, a quick-thinking friend was visiting at the time of the unexpected delivery. The friend immediately called 9-1-1, beginning a thoughtful and caring step-by-step process that developed into a touching dialogue between the 9-1-1 operator and the friend.

Neither the mother nor dispatcher has been identified.

While the emergency responders were en route to the new mother's home, the 9-1-1 dispatcher walked the mother's friend through how to clean up the baby, but not before learning where the mom gave birth.

"She's sitting on the toilet and the baby's in the toilet," the friend said.

Without missing a beat, the dispatcher instructed the shocked caller on what to do next. "Oh, get her off the toilet," she said.

Soon thereafter, the baby's first cry can be heard. "OK, listen carefully," she said. "I have help on the way. I'm going to tell you exactly what to do next."

The dispatcher then instructs the friend to find a shoelace or string in order to wrap the baby's umbilical cord, encouraging the caller the entire time.

"You're doing a great job, OK?" the 9-1-1 dispatcher said

"Thank you," the other women said.

"You're welcome," the dispatcher replied.

The dispatcher's cool, calm and caring manner continued through the call as she guides the caller through tying the cord.

"Around the umbilical cord, about six inches from the baby, but don't cut it," the dispatcher said.

Kern County Public Information Officer Sean Collins applauded the work of the dispatcher and said the county's team of 9-1-1 dispatchers handles such emergencies more often than one would think.

The dispatcher even remained on the line after the emergency medical responders arrived and continued the touching conversation.

Baby Survives Toilet Birth

"So cute. Does he look full size?" the dispatcher asked.

"He, he looks pretty big," the caller said.

"Oh, good."

"The baby's fine," the women said. "He's making faces."

"Oh, good. Good, good."

"He's still breathing," the friend said

"How exciting," the dispatcher said.

The mother and her baby were taken to a local hospital but there's no word on the condition of either.