California 'wishing tree' decorated with handwritten messages of gratitude

Instead of a Christmas tree, one neighborhood does something different.

Each year, the neighborhood "wishing tree" is filled with notes of hopes, dreams, gratitude and more.

"A bunch of people around the neighborhood go and get notes from this drawer and write kind little wishes on it," said 10-year-old resident Layla.

Jackson, an 8-year-old who lives in the neighborhood, shared his wish.

"I wrote, 'I want COVID to be gone,' because COVID isn't that great. I've already been quarantined from my class two times," said Jackson.

The tradition was started a few years ago by a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous.

They wanted the opportunity to bring cheer, share gratitude and spread hope during the holidays.

Resident Sandy Lepire said it brings out the true spirit of the holidays.

"When you turn the corner on the street and you see people stop and make a wish," she said, "it just warms your heart."