Camera Lost at Sea With 1,800 Family Photos Washes Up on South Carolina Beach 2 Months Later

"I think it's a miracle!" the camera's 10-year-old owner said.

— -- A North Carolina family's camera that had been lost at sea for the past two months was recently found washed up on a South Carolina beach and is now being returned.

Carrie Bley and her son Lawson Bley, who are originally from Holly Springs, North Carolina, were on vacation this past July in South Carolina's Edisto Beach, when Carrie lost her 10-year-old son's beloved camera ABC affiliate WTVD reported.

Carrie was trying to get underwater shots of Lawson boogie boarding when the wrist strap slipped off her hand and the camera disappeared into the water, she said.

"We got him a waterproof, shockproof camera so that nothing would ever happen to it, and then I'm the one who dropped it," Carrie told WTVD. "I just went out to the road and cried in private and came back and told him we'd get him a new one and that mommies can make mistakes too."

Lawson told WTVD the camera contained "the most special moments of my entire life," including pictures of his family, friends and recent class field trip.

"I thought it would never be found at all, thought it would be lost at sea forever," Lawson said.

Last week, Mary Kerr from Athens, Georgia, and her 27-year-old son, Sean Kerr, stumbled upon the camera on the same beach, where they also happened to be vacationing.

"It was waterlogged and jammed, but I was able to get it open and discovered that there are over 1,800 family photos on the memory card," Sean wrote in a Facebook post that was shared over 47,000 times in an attempt to find its owner.

The post was soon noticed by Carrie and Lawson's friends and neighbors alerting them that Lawson's camera was found.

The two families connected and Sean is now sending Lawson's camera back to him and his mom in Holly Springs, North Carolina.

"I think it's a miracle," Lawson said. "I think that it is a very good representation of human kindness."