Canine Coasties: Meet the Coast Guard Dogs That Just Finished Helicopter Training

Evy and Ricky have been with the U.S. Coast Guard since 2008.

— -- Evy and Ricky are not the average household pets.

These dogs are dutifully serving in the U.S. Coast Guard as explosive detection dogs.

Just this week, the pair finished helicopter proficiency training by completing helicopter operations and hoist training with the California Air National Guard 129th Rescue Squadron.

The exercise required Evy and Ricky to jump on board a HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter and perform several hoists, according to the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team.

The “canine Coasties” have protective eye wear and ear wear to protect them from rotor wash, sea spray, foreign debris and engine noise.

Coast Guard K-9 teams “routinely conduct proficiency training with military, federal, state and local partners to ensure our teams can respond and deploy from a variety of aircraft and vessels,” according to the Coast Guard.

Evy and Ricky have been with the Coast Guard since 2008.

Thanks for protecting U.S. ports and waterways, Evy and Ricky!