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Captain Awesome: Because the Name Douglas Smith Jr. Just Didn't Cut I

Oregon student said neither Facebook nor grandma happy about name change.

ByABC News
December 6, 2010, 10:32 AM

Dec. 9, 2010— -- For all the "juniors" out there who ever wanted a name of their very own, one Oregon man took a big step toward moniker originality.

Captain Awesome, a 27-year-old sports medicine student, said he decided to do away with his original name, Douglas Allen Smith Jr., after his mail repeatedly got tangled with that of his father, Douglas Allen Sr.

"He doesn't really mind," Awesome said of his father. "He sees the comedic value in it."

There should be no more confusion. Awesome, now his legal name, has already changed everything from his state identification card to his Costco membership. His girlfriend is even onboard with becoming Mrs. Awesome should the relationship make it down the aisle.

Still, not everyone is so welcoming of the Awesome name, including Facebook. Awesome said the automatic filters on Facebook have denied his request for a name change. And his grandmother isn't thrilled at all. She still calls him Doug.

But Awesome -- who follows in the name-changing tradition of NFL player Chad Ochocinco and another man named Trout Fishing in America -- insists he's made the right decision.

"I'd just say that, as an adult, you're rowing your own boat, and if you don't like the name your parents gave you and you think that something else would better suit who you are as a person, then go for it if it's going to make you happy."

Captain Awesome spoke with ABC's Aaron Katersky for today's Conversation. We hope you'll watch to learn more.

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