Cars swept away in rushing water as flash floods play havoc in Kentucky

Flash flooding incidents have created problems throughout the U.S. this summer.

— -- Cars and a home were swept away in floodwaters after a bout of heavy rains pummeled parts of Northern Kentucky early Sunday.

The flood waters were so powerful that they sent cars smashing into one another in a cluster against a tree, according to one photo posted on Instagram by user Sara Celi.

The image shows the cars lying abandoned in a pool of tan, muddy water.

Another photo, posted by Kristen Swilley of ABC affiliate WCPO-TV in Cincinnati, shows a home that was torn apart in the storm that preceded the flooding. The homeowner was indoors at the time the destruction started to occur, the affiliate reported.

The Ledger Independent, a local paper, reported that a man from Bracken County, Kentucky, Delmar Nickoson, went missing after flooding may have caused the mobile home he was living in to wash away.

Meanwhile, drone video made available from Youtube user Galena Guide, shows the extent of flooding that occurred in Galena, Illinois, on Saturday.

The video shows the Midwestern town completely submerged after water from the Galena River spilled over following storms that took place there over the weekend.

The flooding this weekend follows a deadly flash flooding incident that occurred last weekend in Arizona, when rising waters killed nine people from a single family who were visiting a swimming hole in the northern part of the state.