Casey Anthony Trial: Cindy Anthony Crumples in Court While Listening to 911 Call

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WATCH Casey Anthony Trial: Mom Sheds Light on 911 Calls

A distraught Cindy Anthony buried her head in her arms and slumped on the witness stand as she listened to a tape of her daughter, Casey Anthony, calmly tell 911 operators that 2-year-old Caylee, had been missing 31 days.

Casey Anthony can be heard spinning a fresh lie about her daughter's disappearance on the July 15, 2008 call.

"My daughter's been missing for the last 31 days. I know who has her. I've tried to contact her. I actually received a phone call today…I did get to speak to my daughter for about a moment," Casey Anthony can be heard saying on the call.

The 911 call was played by the prosecution as part of Cindy Anthony's testimony in her daughter's first degree murder trial. Casey Anthony, 25, is accused of killing her toddler daughter.

On the 911 call, Casey Anthony told the operator that her nanny, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, took her daughter.

"I've been looking for her and have gone through other resources to try to find her which is stupid," Casey Anthony said.

Casey Anthony's lawyer opened the emotional trial last week by admitting that the babysitter did not kidnap Caylee and that her daughter actually drowned on June 16, 2008 in the family pool.

The prosecution, however, claims Caylee died from duct tape on her nose and mouth, although a medical examiner has never been able to determine a cause of death.

Emotional Testimony in Casey Anthony Murder Trial

Three 911 calls, all placed by Cindy Anthony on July 15, 2008, were played for jurors this morning. After the final call in which Casey told the operator that her nanny had stolen Caylee, an emotional and exhausted looking Cindy Anthony asked for a break.

The calls to the police were placed after she and George Anthony picked up Casey Anthony's abandoned car that smelled of human decomposition from a tow yard. Each call shows Cindy Anthony becoming more emotional and alarmed for her granddaughter, Caylee.

Before calling 911, a frustrated Cindy Anthony called her daughter's friend, Amy Huizenga, and asked for help finding Casey.

Casey Anthony had told her family that she'd be returning from Jacksonville to Orlando with Caylee and a former boyfriend. That turned out to be a lie. Casey Anthony had just picked up Huizenga from the airport and was never in Jacksonville, Cindy Anthony testified.

Huizenga led Cindy Anthony to the apartment of boyfriend Tony Lazzaro where Casey had been staying for much of June and July.

"I just asked her what she was doing there…I told her that she needed to talk to me, that we needed to talk," Cindy Anthony said.

Casey said that she would take her mother to the nanny who Caylee was staying with, but Cindy Anthony testified that they drove for some time and Casey Anthony started to make excuses about why they shouldn't visit the nanny.

Cindy Anthony spotted a police substation and pulled into the parking lot.

"I told her that if she wasn't going to give me the answers that I was going to get someone to help me get them," Cindy Anthony said.

When she realized the station closed at 5 p.m., she dialed 911 from her car, accusing her daughter of stealing money and her car. But the dispatcher said she needed to call the sheriff's office instead.

Cindy Anthony made the second 911 call from her home, and this time she said that she couldn't find her granddaughter.

While waiting for the authorities, Cindy Anthony overheard her daughter telling her son, Lee Anthony, that Casey had been missing for a month.

"I overheard her tell Lee that Caylee had been gone for 31 days and that Zany had taken her...I lost it and just went into the room and started yelling at Casey…I swore at her, hit the bed and ran out and called the police again," Cindy Anthony testified through tears.

Casey Anthony Curses at Mom, Brother on Jailhouse Call

The prosecution also played a jailhouse phone call made by Casey Anthony shortly after she was arrested on June 16, 2008. Casey Anthony sounds furious on the call and curses at her mother and brother when they won't give her the phone number to her boyfriend at the time, Tony Lazzaro.

"Nobody in my own family is on my side. They just want Caylee back, that's all they're worried about right now," Casey Anthony says on the call.

Casey Anthony reprimands her mother on the call for telling the media that she didn't know what her daughter's involvement in Caylee's disappearance was.

"You're blaming me that you're sitting in the jail? Blame yourself for telling lies," Cindy Anthony told her daughter in the call.

Casey Anthony's attorney Jose Baez led Cindy Anthony through a series of questions about her daughter's friends, lovers and co-workers, complete with details of them getting haircuts, working on fundraisers, their children and parents. Cindy Anthony admitted that she never met any of these people and was forced to conclude today that all of them were characters that Casey Anthony had made up.

Among her daughter's imaginary friends was a man named Eric Baker who was described to Cindy Anthony as Caylee's father. Casey called her mother very upset one day to say that Eric Baker was killed in a car crash, the mother testified.

She described another boyfriend of Casey's named Jeffrey Hopkins whose mother was battling cancer. Casey Anthony even had a picture on her cell phone of a man she claimed was Hopkins along with his young son Zachary.

In addition, there was a co-worker named Juliette Lewis at Universal Studios who had a young daughter named Annabelle who Caylee played with, Cindy Anthony testified. Casey never really had a job at Universal Studios.

Cindy Anthony believed the lies created by her daughter for at least two years. "I trusted Casey. She'd never given me any reason not to believe in her," Cindy Anthony testified.

Earlier today, Cindy Anthony cried as she testified about finding her granddaughter's favorite doll and using Clorox wipes and Febreze to get rid of a smell of death on it.

When Cindy and George Anthony picked up their daughter's Pontiac Sunfire from a tow yard on July 15, 2008, a powerful stench in the car prompted Cindy Anthony to ask her husband, "What died?"

With her voice quivering, Cindy Anthony described her first reactions after her husband pulled their daughter's car into their garage. The grandmother of Caylee cried when she was shown a picture of the little girl's car seat.

"Casey's purse was on the front seat and Caylee's baby doll, her favorite doll, was in the car seat like it was sitting where Caylee would have sat and I noticed Caylee's backpack in the trunk of the car," Cindy Anthony testified.

"Caylee's doll smelled like the car so I took it out…I sat the doll down and I went and got a Clorox wipe and I wiped the face and hands. The body was soft and so it smelled pretty bad…I sprayed Febreze all through the car thinking that might help the odor…I used pretty much a whole can of Febreze."

Cindy Anthony also tried to wash the smell out of her daughter's slacks that were in the car.

When the prosecution showed an image of the little girl's backpack, both Casey and Cindy Anthony became emotional. Cindy Anthony testified that she removed Caylee's toothbrush from the backpack.

"I just went through and held some of Caylee's things just because and then I placed them back where I found them," Cindy Anthony testified.

Cindy Anthony said that receiving the notice that Casey's abandoned car had been towed proved her daughter had been lying to her and her husband about her whereabouts.

"I told her [Casey Anthony] that she had a lot of explaining to do," Cindy Anthony said. "I pretty much said that she needed to be home so that we could talk this out."

Cindy Anthony and her husband removed the Pontiac's car battery just in case their daughter came home and tried to take the car.

The pickup of the car proved a turning point for the family. Caylee's grandparents hadn't seen her since mid-June, but it wasn't until the discovery of the car and their daughter's lies on July 15, 2008, that they called police.

Caylee's remains were found in December of 2008.

Cindy Anthony is the second member of Casey Anthony's immediate family to take the stand. Her father, George, testified several times last week.

Lee Anthony, Casey's brother, scored a victory at the start of today's session when Judge Belvin Perry approved a motion that will allow him to sit in daily during the trial. A similar motion was filed to allow George and Cindy Anthony to sit in on the trial.

Lee Anthony is also expected to testify.