Casey Anthony and Others May Cash in on the Trial, Incensing the Public

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Within hours of online reports that a producer affiliated with "The Jerry Springer Show" allegedly offered Casey Anthony $1 million to appear on the talk show, the show backed out because the backlash was so severe, according to Radar online.

It doesn't stop at television appearances. There's also speculation of book deals and even allegedly an offer for Anthony to do pornography. Protesters are incensed by the idea that Anthony could cash in on her story.

"According to TMZ, Vivid Entertainment [has] already offered her a chance to, quote, 'transition' into her new life," Nancy Grace said today on "Good Morning America."

This new life may come with a lot of new debt.

Now that she's out of criminal court, Anthony will be heading to civil court, accused of defaming Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman who shares a name with the fictional nanny Anthony told investigators was responsible for kidnapping her daughter Caylee.

"I lost my apartment. I lost my car. I lost my job," Gonzalez said.

"We started this case for one reason -- that was to get this lady's good name back," said John Morgan, Gonzalez's attorney.

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Gonzalez said she plans on suing for millions.

"Right now, as much as this has affected Zenaida, America feels like justice was not done here," Morgan said.

Gonzalez isn't the only one looking for money from Anthony. The IRS is looking to collect money Anthony owes in back taxes, and a search-and-rescue group is also considering a lawsuit to recoup the more than $100,000 they say they spent looking for Caylee.

"I think that they knew something and I think they knew that little Caylee was probably not alive," said Tim Miller, founder and director of Texas EquuSearch.

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