Cash App founder Bob Lee stabbed in chest, hip: Autopsy records

Lee was found dead in San Francisco on April 4.

Cash App founder Bob Lee was stabbed three times, twice in the chest and once in the hip, according to autopsy documents released Tuesday.

Lee, 43, an executive at cryptocurrency firm MobileCoin, was killed last month in the San Francisco neighborhood of Rincon Hill, the San Francisco Police Department said.

Doctors at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital performed surgeries on him for hours but could not keep him alive -- his death wasn't called until 6:49 a.m. in the operation room, four hours after the 911 call for help, the autopsy documents show.

His cause of death is listed as multiple stab wounds. One of the strikes, in his left chest, penetrated his heart, the documents show. The deepest wound, in his left upper chest, was approximately 5 inches, according to the records.

When he initially arrived at the hospital, Lee was identified through his driver's license, though was officially listed as a John Doe until his identity was confirmed through fingerprint comparison, according to the documents.

In his body, the medical examiner found alcohol, cocaine, ketamine and allergy medications, according to the autopsy documents. The records do not specify what could have been from hospital intervention when he was undergoing surgery.

PHOTO: Bob Lee, Cash App founder and former Square executive
Bob Lee, Cash App founder and former Square executive,

A fellow tech executive has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with Lee's death. The suspect, 38-year-old Nima Momeni, is the owner of an Emeryville, California-based company called Expand IT.

Momeni's arraignment, which had been rescheduled to Tuesday, has been again moved to May 18.

Prosecutors allege that Momeni drove Lee to a dark, secluded area on April 4 and stabbed him with a kitchen knife, according to a motion filed last month. Police later found a roughly 4-inch blade at the scene that appeared to have blood on it, the document said.

During the previous afternoon, Lee spent time with Momeni's sister and a witness, who identified themself as a close friend of Lee, prosecutors said.

Lee reassured Momeni that nothing inappropriate had taken place, the witness said to police.

Early the following morning, at about 2 a.m., camera footage showed Lee and Momeni leaving Lee's hotel and getting into Momeni's car, a BMW Z4, prosecutors said.

Video shows the BMW drive to a secluded and dark area where the two men got out of the car. Momeni "moved toward" Lee, and the BMW drove away from the scene at high speed, according to the court document.