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I lost 2 pregnancies. Here’s what I’ve learned in the years since.
By Alyssa Starr
October 16, 2023 Story from GMA Alyssa Starr , ABC News
Suspect in UNLV shooting had more than 150 rounds of ammunition: Police
By Meredith Deliso, Alex Stone and Alyssa Starr
December 8, 2023 Story from US Meredith Deliso, Alex Stone, Alyssa Starr , ABC News
Wife, daughter of retired police chief killed in cycling hit-and-run speak out
By Alyssa Starr, Nathan Smith and Allie Weintraub
October 18, 2023 Story from US Alyssa Starr, Nathan Smith, Allie Weintraub , ABC News
'Boundless': Women in wheelchairs find empowerment through dance at annual 'Rollettes Experience'
The group was founded 11 years ago by Chelsie Hill to empower women through dance after a spinal cord injury changed her life.
August 1, 2023 Story from US Bobby Gehlen, Alyssa Starr, Allie Weintraub , ABC News
American missionary held hostage for years in Niger speaks out in 1st televised interview
By Allie Weintraub, Tommy Brooksbank, Jim Vojtech, Jon Schlosberg and Alyssa Starr
October 5, 2023 Story from US Allie Weintraub, Tommy Brooksbank, Jim Vojtech, Jon Schlosberg, Alyssa Starr , ABC News
Katy Perry’s Las Vegas residency 'Play' coming to an end
Katy Perry's Las Vegas residency will come to an end this fall.
August 4, 2023 Story from GMA Dominick Proto, Alyssa Starr, Monica Escobedo, Ilana Katz, Angeline Jane Bernabe , ABC News
UNLV shooting: Harrowing 911 calls show inside look at chaos on campus
By Emily Shapiro, Meredith Deliso and Alyssa Starr
December 9, 2023 Story from US Emily Shapiro, Meredith Deliso, Alyssa Starr , ABC News
Monterey Park shooting victims: Dance studio regular among those who died, family says
Eleven people have died as a result of a mass shooting at a dance studio in Monterey Park, California.
January 26, 2023 Story from US Julia Jacobo, Alyssa Starr, Morgan Winsor , ABC News
Cash App founder Bob Lee stabbed in chest, hip: Autopsy records
Cash App founder Bob Lee was stabbed twice in the chest and once in the hip, according to autopsy documents released Tuesday.
May 2, 2023 Story from US Alyssa Starr, Jenna Harrison, Alex Stone, Meredith Deliso , ABC News
What forensic testing reveals about revolver in on-set 'Rust' shooting
The FBI conducted accidental discharge testing on the firearm used in the shooting.
August 14, 2022 Story from US Meredith Deliso, Jenna Harrison, Nicholas Kerr, Alyssa Starr, Vera Drymon, Doug Lantz , ABC News
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