Case of Missing Boy David Adams Has Been Unsolved For 41 Years

David Adams was 8 when he disappeared in May 1968.

ByABC News
December 10, 2009, 1:12 PM

Dec. 10, 2009 — -- David Adams vanished in May 1968 on a walk home from a friend's house where he had been playing in his Issaquah, Wash., neighborhood. He was never seen or heard from again, and a body was never discovered.

Today, 41 years after the 8-year-old boy disappeared, police say they have a person of interest in the case and it has risen to the top of the city's other 175 unsolved murders.

This one, they say, could be cracked.

"We believe that the Adams' case is solvable," said King County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. John Urquhart said. "We believe this is different."

Investigators from the sheriff's office Cold Case Squad are focusing their attention on a person of interest in the case, a man they think could have been the last person to see Adams the day he vanished.

Urquhart said this man is being investigated because he "does not have a good alibi."

The spokesman declined to identify the person of interest, but told that he was in his 20s when Adams went missing and was a neighbor of the family's.

The man, who has so far been cooperating with police, is now in his 60s and is a veteran of the Vietnam War, said Urquhart.

"The person of interest lived in the area and had the potential of being the last person who would have seen the boy," said Urquhart. "We don't know that he was, but because of the route the boy took home, we believe he could have been."