College football players shave heads to support coach with cancer

College football players shaved their heads to support a coach with cancer.

August 27, 2019, 8:46 PM

Members of an Arkansas college football team surprised their offensive coordinator, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, by shaving their heads in solidarity.

One by one, players on the Lyon College squad lined up to share a hug with coach Kris Sweet.

Sweet was hired to be the team's offensive coordinator just this past offseason, but already players are establishing a lifelong bond.

More than one freshly shorn player can be heard saying, "It's all for you, coach," in an emotional video posted to Twitter this week by the school's athletic department.

Lyon College kicks off its 2019 season Saturday with a home game against Missouri Baptist University.

When @LyonScotsFball players say they got your back it's not just talk #SACKville #sweetstrong #scotsea20n

— Calvin Powell (@coachcalpowell) August 27, 2019

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