Limbless high school football coach asks, 'Who says I can't?'

From ESPN's SC Featured: Born without limbs, Robert Mendez Jr. landed his first head coaching job last year.
15:02 | 02/18/19

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Transcript for Limbless high school football coach asks, 'Who says I can't?'
And this Tom Hodges one introduced you. Somebody I think it really helped turn the storm around. Tells them I hired in 2000 Preston with just knowledge of the game. Just passing as a childish. Blew me away. Everything else that's on top of that turned to who he isn't what you Doug at a databases. Inspires me. Else brought Mendez. Okay. I. It was awful. Who's really really from. Eighty Hutus to have an abortion through. So I had to. To keep Robert. And that's moon was doing. Swimmers. And listen 100 born into the world. I'm and induce more. It's hard to see him I think he really demons he rhetoric so I didn't seem to remember for about two weeks. Because it he just he knew what to do. I just remember. Steering. You know there was a lot of staring it would pissed off really bad. Like he was. Not a human or something. But he he's different. Yeah I mean. Sees. People fairness and opportunity. Yeah. Things that. United's two in ten minutes my teaching an hour. But he never complain about it. It was just a really easy tiles that it. And he just was really really happy. What yeah. Actual. He's got a gift that doesn't require him to be physical and digital where. He just took boom room. I think the most typical power having arms no legs. Is simply not being able to. Clay sports. I don't show it on good not showing it. Give mad dramatic dark dragon medical or. Acquire. This freshman year and who's standing on the fence and distance watching him practice who. I was beginning but we wanted to get him involved in the program so we invited him to be our manager. They didn't know what I can hear they're obviously not complain about just including. Many feel part of it denominational Agassi considered. Normal. He paid attention to us as coaches but even learn the game playing Madden football. He created game plans on Madden and then he'd come to practice and try to create the same game plan and execute in the same way. I started given Robert little bit more responsibility was my quarterbacks. I look back on the cornerback idol quarterback and the next thing you know he is they're running until scores of of them. His ability to steady the game easily translate those things to the kids I. Is unmatched by most coaches and I never neverland aren't alike ram over W orbit 46. Job looking Bill Parcells. I've been overlooked. The last three or four years have been ready for a. Good job interviews sometimes I feel like from a scanners not to bring order. President and I'm and text. 'cause. As he rules out. He brutally honest when I first saw that how can Stark County. And and he comes closest images popularly fist pump. I just you move just come right there on his shoulder and all that matters that I had was just melted away. We had other applicants but I knew in my heart and be Greek fit for these young athletes. And we encourage people hired me cruising off campus. The Athens. I just feel really tough solution to it took me so long I noon have been ready for a and have been overlooked. Finally some of the giving the opportunities through appreciative. At this time I just want to introduce to you you're Newsradio jolts. Raw Mendez. Precluded that coach yeah. Thank you coach you know football look gushan going to be my thirteenth year coaching and I can't wait to get to know every single warning you. Believe in yourself. Believe your teammates. And believing what you're doing. Well clear don't. Hurt I'm excited us. Obviously use a little shocking. And there's jokes going around. Cynical teenagers you know and guy with no arms or legs not a lot of people seem not. If you're taking back that's just natural that you. But after the first. Two seconds. It's just a normal guy. I don't care how good you are here how experienced you are you guys are gonna do everything at the change though you may not look like a coach he definitely acts like one. And I just at a store teach right now is called 31. I don't quit his knowledge of the game for somebody that hasn't actually gone through it is impressive. On his phone diagram a play bouncers. And I do pen and paper. There's definitely doubters out there are parents Jim and son is hitting coach Eric Rivera from together his no new Lenox. One to plan. Doug lights a fire under my body and Troy gets me excited to really just try to prove people wrong about it thanks frank good job. Wednesday he see him and witness them and hear him. I'd like to believe that they take a moment to value weighed themselves and anything that they are going through in life. Can't be more difficult than what he indoors on a daily basis. Yeah. Family that is one thing I think I don't I love Dave Ball while bill and you. Everyone on board you guys damage done a lot on this book club building and you better not maiden. Towards agent. Who might go to. There. Russell SOS OS OS Celeste. It was a fractured orbital bone. And my cheek bone. Is fractured as well. But couldn't sleep or. Could chew. I just felt that forum. Communities there aren't life and trying to meet disease usually tune. He. Things that you and I take for granite like brushing your teeth. And washing your face or taken rush hour we're going to the restroom. Robert needs someone to help him. But he's tough. Two days later used in practice. Right now out. And his fingers not going to be there for the kids. Go to the black. He's been waiting to be a head coach for a long time. I wanna let them down and we'll look to them. I just can't stay away just. Me being challenged because that in mind. Motivation. There is bruised and not yeah. Again I. Who says I can't originally came from me just having a drive time. Accomplish what every people doubted. We cannot yet. Whose again. They're there again. This and I can't I am. He's going to do all. Blue needed. Oh. It's good time. It was working hard all summer. During the trip. Kevin let's go. Those kids fought every single game I mean I can't remember one game that we are bigger than the other team. The damn it we got the job done. Time. JV team in the last ten years has had mostly losing seasons. He's just really has done a job that I haven't been able to see other coaches do at that level before. I'm trend defend my wife. Underwear where it is over the middle because it's gonna be right here over the middle. Okay. Good looked at the dog appreciate. Good morning and all over. Prospects and its soprano high. The winner today we didn't believe me. It can. I was as not every single what you yeah yeah we're not done yet. I don't there's a job lot right now. We've taken near the player to score the only. Only points this contest. Best offers right intercept. 437. Play in the fourth quarter. Spot a look at for the first points. Did go the way has the this kid's. And it's good that. Head of the soprano takes a breed a big league. But don't exactly go as I'm leaving out in this for leaguer here videos. Rick they left when he smashed through the through a more and fourteen point prepared there's. Fourth down play Jackson on the that it didn't complete. Toronto gets that we had been. The title. Those over prospect. When when. That was the most important thing to remember that case that's what we built this team off it was fairly okay. They're good news bad these men. We can describe this and teen. Come from. They're cutting the whole team. It's gonna hurt today. And that's okay for hurts because we care law because we love this game of football. I really sincerely want you guys to understand how much I appreciate this. You guys have given me. In the lifetime of memories. Our opponents. They'd always got him. Is they see a man in a wheelchair. Does he see our coats. Who's. Percy. Provision month few have big names. These refilling. Hound him as my goodness that's what these kids would follow him no matter where you go. You can actually see the changes in the kids. You want to goes for your children and a total one time it's. Then he told me and everybody. Does what they do for money. He's right. They gave me the feeling of important it's. And I don't think they know that he and understand that. Maybe they will when they voted in the fifth. I love those kids you know always gonna remember them. There. I think we make a perfect team. And we agree. Hello. I can love you lose that I can't love. I guarantee. This.

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{"duration":"15:02","description":"From ESPN's SC Featured: Born without limbs, Robert Mendez Jr. landed his first head coaching job last year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"61143092","title":"Limbless high school football coach asks, 'Who says I can't?'","url":"/Sports/video/limbless-high-school-football-coach-asks-61143092"}