Colorado Family Chases FedEx Truck Spilling Packages

Driver had no idea his back door was wide open.

— -- A Colorado driver who videotaped a FedEx truck spilling packages along a roadway said he dodged a couple of items before realizing what had happened.

"I kind of swerved over to avoid running over it and realized it was a package," Phil Dickson said this morning.

The Westminster, Colorado, man said he was driving with his three children last week when he had to quickly dodge a cardboard box in the road.

Moments later Dickson had to swerve again and then he saw the FedEx delivery truck with its rear door open. Dickson realized the truck driver had no way to know he was dropping packages, so the father of four stepped on the gas and flashed his lights until the driver pulled over.

In the video, the driver quickly says thank you before Dickson drives off.

Dickson said he thought the delivery truck door had likely only been open for a few minutes before he stopped the driver.

A FedEx spokesman said all of the packages were accounted for and delivered on time.

"Every customer shipment is important to FedEx and no damages were occurred," the spokesman said.