Colorado mother puts injured bobcat in car with her child

Wildlife officials described the woman as "lucky."

A Colorado mother is facing criticism from wildlife officials who said she put an injured bobcat into her car next to her child.

Parks and Wildlife officials in the southeast region of the state issued a warning to the public on Twitter after describing a "lucky" Colorado Springs woman who put the injured predator in her car and escaped unscathed.

The officials stressed to "NEVER PICK UP WILD ANIMALS" and asked anyone who comes in contact with them to contact their department.

The bobcat was mortally wounded, officials said, and was too injured to react to being picked up and placed in the car.

"No one should ever try this. This could have been tragic," parks officials said.

Parks officials throughout the state agreed with that assessment, with the main Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter page retweeting the information with one word: "speechless."