'This is it. It's done': Colorado woman on vacation films black bear charging at her

Sherry Moore said she screamed at the bear until it moved on.

A Colorado woman got the scare of her life on what was meant to be a peaceful afternoon jog during her summer vacation.

Sherry Moore had just taken a selfie while jogging on a trail in Whistler, Canada when she spotted a black bear just a few feet ahead of her.

Moore, of Denver, immediately worried about the bear’s next move -- and rightfully so.

In a video she recorded of the incident, the animal can be seen walking along the side of the trial and getting closer to Moore. It then suddenly changes course and charges at her.

“I literally thought for that moment I was going to be mauled. I thought, 'This is it, it's done,'" Moore told ABC Denver affiliate KMGH Wednesday.

“It got up on its two feet right in front of me and I just stared it, started screaming at it like a dog,” she told the station.

“No! Get down! Get back!” she remembered shouting.

The bear eventually stood down and continued on the path, leaving Moore alone.

“I didn’t move a muscle," she said. "I just waited until I saw it go around some bushes and then I ran faster than I think I’ve ever ran in my life."

Moore hopes the video of the incident will help others if they find themselves in a similar situation.

On her YouTube channel, she included the tips that the wildlife official she spoke to told her: back up slowly, use a loud voice so it knows you are a human and do not run or play dead with black bears, to name a few.