Convicted Murderers Run North Carolina Kids Camp

One woman was convicted of killing her own infant.

June 28, 2013 — -- Two former convicts -- after serving time for separate murders -- are running a children's summer day camp at a North Carolina university.

Despite plenty of opposition, one of the women said they have paid their debts to society.

Kiddie Kollege Summer Camp at St. Augustine's University in Raleigh, N.C., is run by Doris Bullock, formerly Doris Braswell. She was convicted of second-degree murder for killing her infant child in 1981, according to North Carolina Department of Public Safety records. She was released in 1993, according to the records.

Her assistant at the camp is Deidra Gary, formerly Deidra Lane. She was convicted of manslaughter for killing her husband, Carolina Panthers running back Fred Lane, in a high-profile murder case in 2000, records show. She was released in 2009.

Each served her time in prison.

"I don't really think a whole lot about any of it," Bullock told today. "This is something that occurred 33 years ago and our debts have been paid to society and we're not going to pay it again."

Local parents who did not have kids in the camp said they were dismayed to hear about it, according to ABC News Raleigh affiliate WTVD-TV.

"I believe that everybody deserves a second chance, but there's some things you should be allowed to do and some things you should not be allowed to do, depending on what you've done before," parent Peggy Wiggins told WTVD. "Whoever hired them needs to lose their jobs."

When asked whether any parents have complained or withdrawn their children from the camp, Bullock said, "Absolutely not."

"There's not any parents who are expressing concerns that are in the camp," she said.

Bullock has worked at St. Augustine's for 12 years and Gary has been with the school for about a year, according to WTVD.

"The safety and well being of children in our on-campus programs are our top priorities," the school told WTVD in a statement. "Saint Augustine's University performs background checks on all employees. Doris Bullock and Deidra Gary serve in administrative roles and provide valuable support. They are exemplary employees and productive members of the community."

Bullock is listed as the assistant vice president for external relations in the office of the president on St. Augustine's website.

Gary could not be reached for comment.