Cops Catch Accused Killer Who Escaped Mental Hospital

Jason Mark Carter, 39, was accused of killing his mother and stepfather in 2006.

Jan. 3, 2014— -- An escaped South Carolina mental patient who was accused of killing his parents in 2006 was arrested today in Tennessee.

Jason Mark Carter, 39, was found by the Tennessee Highway Patrol at a motel near the border between the two states.

Carter was captured without incident, according to South Carolina's Department of Mental Health.

His escape triggered a multistate manhunt as police cautioned that Carter should be considered dangerous, and might be headed to North Carolina, where he had family.

Carter was involuntarily committed to a South Carolina facility in Richland County in 2009; he was arrested in the killing of his mother and stepfather in 2006 but was found incompetent to stand trial.

Carter's defense attorney claimed his client had no memory of committing the crime.

Officers found the bodies of Kevin and Debra Ann Perkins on March 27, 2006, inside a locked room in the basement with Carter inside with the victims, authorities said in a news release.

Officials did not say how Carter escaped from the facility, but believe he may have stolen a state-owned van.

Authorities are working to send him back to South Carolina.

ABC News' Muhammad Lila contributed to this report.