Cops Help Deliver Baby in Uber Car After Woman Goes Into Labor in Lincoln Tunnel

The woman had called the Uber car after she realized she was going into labor.

— -- One Uber employee has earned a five-star rating, not for delivering his customer to the destination, but helping to deliver a new life into the world.

A driver from the car service company pulled over near the Lincoln Tunnel, which connects New York City to New Jersey, and got the attention of police officers around 5:30 p.m. Monday, telling them a woman was in labor in the back of his car and “couldn't wait,” according to the Port Authority, which oversees the tunnel.

“We’re in the middle of the Lincoln and all I hear is water dripping. Her water broke and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, I’m going to have to help deliver this baby,’” Uber driver Erick Rodriguez told ABC News today.

The woman had called the Uber car to take herself to Lenox Hill Hospital after she realized she was going into labor, Rodriguez said.

Port Authority Police officers met the car outside the tunnel and assisted with delivering the baby girl. EMS arrived and took the mother and baby to St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital, the Port Authority said in a statement.

“I opened the door and we saw she was leaning over the back seat and she was definitely ready to give birth. Her water had broken, the baby was crowning and her contractions were a minute apart. We knew it was go-time at that point,” PA Officer Michael Principe told ABC News today.

The Uber driver said he never thought this would happen to him.

“I was nervous, like it was my kid,” said Rodriguez, who’s been with Uber for 8 months.

“I heard they were happy with the way I treated them. I’m happy they felt comfortable the whole way," Rodriguez said, noting he received a five-star rating from the new mom.

Uber is sending the baby an Uber rider onesie and providing the family with a free ride home from the hospital, the company said in a statement. Rodriguez is getting tickets to a Yankees game and a “deep clean” for his vehicle as a gift, the company said.