Cops showed up at this high school graduation party, and the party got better

PHOTO: Micah Schieber shakes hands with police officers who showed up for his high school graduation in Midland, Michigan, in honor of his father, former police officer Chad Schieber, who died when Micah was just 6-years-old.PlayWJRT
WATCH Police officers attend graduation celebration to honor teen's father

After much of the local police force showed up at Micah Schieber's high school graduation party ... the party got even better.

The teen's father, a former Midland, Michigan police officer, died suddenly of an undetected heart condition while running the 2007 Chicago Marathon.

When Micah asked his mother Sarah to invite the officers -- some of whom had worked with his father -- to his graduation open house, he told ABC News Michigan affiliate WJRT that “I just thought it’d be cool to have a piece of my family and my dad at my graduation, because that’s something I’ll always miss.”

Midland Police Chief Cliff Block, who worked with Micah’s late father, Chad, the chief told WJRT that he had “no hesitation” about whether he'd make the party.

“I knew we’d do something to make it happen,” he said.

Micah couldn’t believe the turnout.

“Car after car after car, I was dumbfounded,” he told WJRT.

The officers also didn't forget to bring graduation gifts to present to Micah, including a trading card featuring his father, and $111 in cash, symbolizing his father’s badge number.

Micah told WJRT that he is forever grateful.

“I just want to thank them over and over and over,” he said.

The teen was only 6 when his father passed away.

“I wish I could remember him more and the person that he was,” Micah told.