Couple in Custody After Police Find Video of Toddler With Gun In Mouth

VIDEO: Indiana couple faces charges after police discovered video of a 1-year-old playing with a gun.PlayEvansville Police Department
WATCH Shocking Video Shows Toddler With Gun in Mouth

An Indiana couple was arrested after police found videos of a one-year-old placing a real gun in her mouth, authorities said.

When police in Evansville, Indiana, arrested Michael Barnes last Thursday in connection with an armed robbery, they say they searched his phone and were shocked to find two videos of a toddler putting a gun in her mouth and holding the gun up as if to shoot someone else.

In the videos, a man and a woman can be heard prompting the child, who, in one video is dressed in only a brown onesie, to say "bang" and "shoot."

The weapon is described as a .40 caliber handgun. The police did not report any injuries to the child.

Barnes, who is not the girl's father, was arrested, along with her mother, Toni Wilson. They're both facing charges, including neglect.

The toddler and the couple's one-month-old twins have been placed in protective custody, authorities said.

Both Barnes and Wilson are being held pending hearings. Barnes is expected to appear in court later today while Wilson will appear in court Wednesday. It is unknown if they have attorneys.