'Craigslist Killer' Phillip Markoff Intends to Skip Court Hearing

Phillip Markoff intends to skip Wednesday's court hearing.

October 6, 2009, 4:22 PM

BOSTON Oct. 6, 2009— -- The Boston University medical student dubbed the "Craigslist Killer" after he allegedly went on a murderous crime and gambling spree, is expected to stay in his jail cell during a pre-trial hearing Wednesday while his attorney argues that media leaks have made it impossible for his client to get a fair trial, ABC News has learned.

"Phillip Markoff has waived his right to appear,'' said Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman Jake Wark.

Markoff is facing a slew of charges stemming from the murder of masseuse Julissa Brisman, an aspiring drug counselor from New York City who was shot dead in her room at the Marriot Copley Place Hotel on April 14. Brisman had allegedly booked a "sexual release" massage appointment with the BU medical student that day.

Four days earlier, Markoff allegedly bound and robbed a Las Vegas hooker at the Westin Hotel. And on April 16, police say he attacked and robbed an exotic dancer at a hotel room in Warwick, R.I. All three victims posted erotic advertisements on the online networking site Craigslist.

This will be the second time Markoff, 23, has skipped out on a hearing since he was arrested on April 20 as he and his fiancé, Megan McAllister, were en route to Foxwoods Casino, where they had reserved a $88 room for the night.

Days after his arrest – and as his fiancé attested to his innocence - Markoff attempted to kill himself at the Nashua Street Jail by pulling leather ties out of his boat shoes to create a small noose that he wrapped around a cell bar. That landed him in a segregated unit for the first 30 days of his incarceration.

Since then, however, McAllister visited her fiancé twice in prison, once to break off the engagement and a second time on June 11 to tell him she would never see him again.

Evidence linking Markoff to the crimes, including panties from his victims, plastic handcuffs used to bind them and a gun, were found beneath the bed Markoff shared with McAllister.

McAllister is "not an idiot,'' an investigator told ABC News. "She was just a girl in love."

Phillip Markoff Becomes Jailhouse Card Shark

She was interviewed by Boston Police detectives before she left for a medical school in St. Kitts in August, according to recently released court documents. McAllister has not been in contact with Markoff since her June 11 visit, jail sources said.

On the date of his planned wedding – Aug. 14 – Markoff was sent to a specialized medical unit after he stashed medication that had been prescribed to other inmates in his cell. Since then, he has re-entered general population where he "plays cards every night," one jail source said.

"He is quite the card shark,'' the source said.

ABC News reported that Markoff visited Foxwoods on April 2, 12, and 15. On the first two visits, he hit the blackjack table with money investigators believe he stole from his victim's. He robbed the Rhode Island woman on April 16 while on his way home from Foxwoods, investigators said.

Family members and friends have also visited Markoff in jail. John Salsberg, who is representing Markoff at the taxpayers' expense, did not return a call for comment yesterday about tomorrow's hearing.

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