Creative 10-year-old dubbed 'The Doodle Boy' creates beautiful drawings for local restaurant

His mom manages a Facebook and Instagram account for the now popular art.

A young boy from the U.K. is simply known as "The Doodle Boy," but his incredible one-of-a-kind artwork has drawn international attention on social media.

Joe Whales, a 10-year-old boy from Shrewsbury, England, has dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages for his original doodles -- that are "obviously managed by his mum," his dad Greg Whales said on LinkedIn.

His simple, clean black lines are hand drawn with thick marker and range from silly to spooky.

Joe even created a special Halloween doodle that garnered over 1,200 likes on Instagram.

The talented young boy's father also shared a few photos "as promised" of Joe's first doodle piece on the walls at a local restaurant, Number 4.

"Thank you so much to everyone for their support for Joe, it has had a really positive impact on his work," Whale said of his creative kid.

"Due to the huge amount of support Joe has his own Instagram page and website," Whale said in the post. "You will find many more of Joe’s doodles so please follow and track his amazing adventure!!!"