Robert Durst: What Books Had With Him Before He Was Busted

The books were among items police recovered from his Houston apartment.

— -- Robert Durst had three crime-related books inside his Houston apartment when it was searched by police on Tuesday, according to authorities.

A book, titled "Without a Trace," and two copies of another tome, "A Deadly Secret," which details the search for Durst's first wife who went missing in 1982, were found in the 71-year-old's Houston apartment, according to a list of the items recovered in the execution of a search warrant, police said.

The search warrant does not list the authors of the books in question, but there are books with those titles that focus on the disappearance and search for Kathie Durst, who went missing in 1982 and was declared dead in 2001 even though her body was never found.

Court records detail how the accused murderer had seven credit cards, seven blank checks and five boxes containing court documents and news articles in his possession. He also had a trash bag filled with court transcripts.

The subject of the court transcripts were not specified.

Durst is now being held at a mental health facility in Louisiana after sheriff's office officials expressed concern that he could be a suicide risk.