Cruise Ship Anthem of the Seas Rocked by Waves from Hermine

PHOTO: One man says hes "having a good time" despite the Anthem of the Seas ship swaying in the Atlantic Ocean.PlayRobert McHugh
WATCH Hermine Still Making Its Presence Known in the Northeast

Post Tropical Cyclone Hermine rocked Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas cruise ship on its way to Bermuda -- sending dishes flying and creating a rough ride for those on board, passengers said.

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Robert McHugh recorded video of the waves hitting the ship Sunday as he interviewed another passenger, his brother-in-law Derek Biederman.

It was early Sunday morning when the ship started swaying, Biederman said, and in the restaurant, dishes "were going all over the place" amid large swells.

The rocky ride was "exciting for me," Biederman said, though he said that other passengers became seasick.

"I'm having a good time," Biedmeran said.

After their "exciting" Sunday, Monday morning appeared to be smooth sailing, according to this photo from McHugh.

Owen Torres, spokesperson for Royal Caribbean, said the ship, which departed from New Jersey, arrived in Bermuda on time this morning.

"While sailing yesterday, our captain informed guests that we had experienced higher winds and gusts for a 2-3 hour period," Torres said. "We'll continue to share weather information with our guests throughout their trip."

Torres did not immediately comment about passenger illnesses.