Dad surprises his baby girl, 2, with epic father-daughter dance in her hospital room to celebrate her completion of her first round of chemotherapy for leukemia

Dad surprises 2-year-old daughter at hospital gives her dress, dances with her

This daddy’s little girl hit the fatherhood jackpot when she was born two years ago.

Now, millions of viewers worldwide know why this remarkable child is so lucky -- after video of the moving moments between a father and his young daughter was posted on social media and went viral.

Phoenix, the 2-year-old daughter of Brett and Christina Thompson of Winder, Georgia, was diagnosed with leukemia soon after her birth, and has subsequently contracted a pair of often-punishing derivative diseases.

Chemotherapy is a common, aggressive medical treatment that assaults the cancer cells but often causes collateral damage to the patient -- which can at times prove to be severe.

It has at times been described as the “last, best option” for late-stage cancer patients, For little Phoenix and her family, it was not their first, second, third, or fourth top treatment option.

Phoenix faced it anyway.

When the first round of her radiation treatment was completed, a nurse from the hospital came by with a curious gift that the woman said she wanted to present to her brave little patient.

In time, the young child seemed to have concluded that something funny was going on. But what?

Suddenly, her dad unexpectedly appeared in her hospital room, dressed to the nines in a crisp black suit jacket with a high white collar and a wide smile across his face.

In a key scene which seemed to capture the essence of a special moment, Phoenix –- owning it in her new, bright yellow dress -- is seen approaching her father, and then jumping up with excitement. Then she tosses both of her hands in the air –- an apparently well-worn secret signal to her dad to pick her up: the Phoenix was ready to rise.

In the video, Brett lifts his young daughter into his arms, and both of them are all smiles as they proceed to dance cheek to cheek.

“I mean honestly I don’t think I could have picked a better man for my kids,” Christina wrote on her Facebook page.

“He brought flowers and her princess dress and just wanted it to be special for her,” she told ABC News.

“He’s an amazing dad -- he always has been,” Christina told ABC News in a text. The Thompsons have five kids. Christina said that Brett has always made sure that all their kids feel loved.

“He makes sure they feel loved and adored, and you can clearly tell that they do,” Christina said.

Christina who took the video of her husband and daughter dancing did not expect that it would go viral on internet and attract so much response.

“We never expected this at all, but I’m happy to be spreading joy and happy tears,” she said.