After Dallas Shootings, Police Using Facebook to Offer Support and Hope

Around the nation police are posting on the platform to spread hope.

— -- After the Dallas shootings, the most deadly event for police since 9/11, many officers from across the country took to Facebook to speak out and offer messages of hope.

Though social media is often seen as a tool for the public to hold police accountable, police are showing it can also be used as a platform to spread hope and encouragement to officers.

Bryan Woodard

Bryan Woodard, a deputy with the Dallas County Constable Precinct 2, felt for the officers with the Dallas Police Department and took to Facebook Live to post his emotional response, which has since garnered more than 7 million views.

"I refuse to see hate live while love dies," Woodard says in the video, as he takes viewers inside his patrol car.

Lee Sjolander

Chief Sjolander's powerful open letter to fellow cops appeals for police officers everywhere to remember that "it's not 'us vs. them.'"

Tommy M. Norman

Officer Norman is a police officer from Northern Little Rock Arkansas, according to his Facebook page. His community policing work has recently gained attention on social media, even catching the eye of rapper The Game, who started a fund with his son to help support the police officer. The Game wrote in an Instagram post that he "was touched by how active he is in the black community where he polices."

In one video Norman shared, a young African-American man says his relationship with the police, makes him feel "protected."