Dashcam video shows escaping suspect fire at officers before fleeing into forest

A video has been released of last month’s kidnapping shootout in North Carolina.

New York -- The city of Raleigh, North Carolina, has just released dashcam footage that shows a suspected kidnapper firing on police as he flees into a forest after a high-speed chase.

The Raleigh Police Department had been notified of a vehicle description relating to a kidnapping case Sept. 24. An ensuing police chase on local highways led to the exchange of gunfire between Sgt. R.L. Warner and the suspect, 23-year-old Hugo Yaret Cortes-Ramirez.

Cortes-Ramirez is seen in the video running from his vehicle after the chase. Heading toward the woods, he fires multiple shots at Warner.

Warner, after the exchange of gunfire, rescued the kidnapping victim, who was unharmed.

Hours later, Cortes-Ramirez's body was discovered in the woods. He was holding a pistol.

Officials said they're not exactly clear was caused his death. A medical examiner's report hasn't been released, and the investigation is ongoing.

After the incident, per department policy, Warner was placed on administrative duty.