DC Mansion Slaying: Forensic Analysis Being Done on Suspect's Clothes

Forensic analysis is being done on suspects clothes, other items.

— -- Forensic analysis is being done on clothing and other items associated with the suspect in the Washington D.C. mansion murders, a source familiar with the case tells ABC News.

The analysis on that evidence is still being completed, the source said. Investigators are working to see if there is a positive hit linking suspect Daron Wint's shoes or clothing with the victims through blood, fiber or other trace evidence collected at the mansion crime scene.

Wint was arrested May 21, one week after D.C. businessman Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their son Phillip, and their housekeeper Vera Figuero were found dead inside the Savopoulos' burned home.

Wint, 34, is accused of quadruple homicide and arson. He has not yet entered a plea and is due in court on June 22.

He was arrested after authorities found his DNA on the remains of pizza left behind at the crime scene.

While the DNA on the pizza crust is a key piece of evidence linking Wint to the crime scene, it is not the only piece of evidence pointing to Wint, a source familiar with the case tells ABC News. There is much more than the pizza crust, the source says.