DC Police Officer Appears to Hold Woman Off the Ground, Pinned to Patrol Car

The police department said it was aware of video and investigating matter.

— -- In a 46-second video posted on Twitter, a Washington, D.C. police officer appears to be pinning a woman against his patrol car, with her feet dangling off the ground, as he asks her questions.

Neither the male officer, nor the female officer accompanying him were identified in the video posted Monday by Twitter user MacAndCheeks. The male officer can be heard asking the woman her age and whether she "wants to go" as he appears to holds her off the ground with her arms behind her back.

He can also be heard saying, "Your a-- is dust."

"I take care of these little girls," the woman responds in the video. "I work right there."

The video does not show what happened before the officer stopped the woman.

According to follow-up tweets, an officer helped the woman with her belongings and then she was let go.

Today, in a different video posted by MacAndCheeks, a woman who identified herself as a 32-year-old teacher named Shadon said she was the person pinned and held off the ground by the officer.

"It's harassment. Either way you look at it, it's harassment," she said. "I'm a school teacher and I work out here and I help these little girls all day, every day. So there's no reason to assume that somebody out here doing the wrong thing and most definitely when I'm here in uniform. Are you serious?"

In a tweet, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Washington, D.C. said, "MPD has been made aware of this video and contacted their commanding officer. We'll investigate this matter."