Delaware Officials Investigate Fatal Shooting of Man in Wheelchair by Police

Jeremy McDole was killed by police on Wednesday.

— -- Police are investigating the death of a wheelchair-bound man who was allegedly armed after he was shot and killed by police in Wilmington, Delaware, authorities said.

In a cell phone video shot by a witness, the man, later identified as Jeremy McDole, is shown in his wheelchair as police point their weapons at him, ordering the man to show his hands and “drop the gun” multiple times.

An officer appears to fire once, according to the video, although it’s unclear if he hit McDole.

Multiple officers appear to allegedly surround McDole as he sits in his wheelchair. At one point, McDole appears to put his hands on his lap or pants at which point officers open fire.

McDole then falls out of his wheelchair.

In a news conference on Wednesday, the same day of the shooting, Wilmington Police Chief Bobby Cummings said that McDole had a .38 caliber gun in his possession when he was shot.

“When Mr. McDole began to remove the weapon from his waist the officers engaged him and as a result of injuries Mr. McDole sustained, he lost his life,” Cummings said.

Cummings said the video appeared to be authentic.

McDole’s mother called the shooting “unjust" in front of Cummings.

“This is unjust. He was paralyzed from the waist down. There was video showing he didn’t pull a weapon, he had his hands on his lap,” she said, referring to the video of the incident.

The Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust run by the Delaware Attorney General and Department of Justice said in a statement they were investigating the shooting to see if “police officers acted in compliance with Delaware law."

On Thursday, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell attended a vigil in honor of McDole and said he was troubled by the video.

“It’s troubling and there’s an investigation now that will be under way and I have great confidence in the investigation,” Markell told ABC News affiliate WPVI-TV.