Deputy Says 'Show Me Your Hands' in New Dash-Cam Recording of South Carolina Home Invasion Shooting

Screams can be heard after order from deputy and a gunshot.

While the shooting isn't captured on video, the dash-cam recorded audio of a voice, apparently a Charleston County sheriff deputy, twice saying, "Show me your hands!" An apparent gunshot is heard on the video, followed by muffled screaming and another order to, "Show me your hands now!"

Thursday morning, Charleston County sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call by Bryant Heyward requesting help for an apparent home invasion.

In the recording of the 911 call, made public by police on Thursday, the victim tells the dispatcher that two men with guns are trying to break into his house, banging at the window. Later in the call, he pleads with the dispatcher for the police to hurry.

A statement from the police said that when the deputies arrived, two black male suspects were seen fleeing the house on bicycles toward the backyard.

"Our deputies proceeded to the rear of the home and were confronted by an armed subject exiting or standing at the back door of the residence," the sheriff's statement read. "Our deputies challenged the subject [later identified as Heyward] and ordered him to drop his weapon, which he didn't at the time. As a result, one of our deputies fired his service weapon striking the subject once in the neck area."

As the police officers approached, "the back door swung open," according to the incident report, but the view of one of the deputies was blocked. Deputy Keith Tyner "shouted verbal commands and that there was a gun," the report stated, then he "fired to suppress the threat."

Heyward admitted he should have dropped his gun during the confusing moments when police first arrived at the scene, according to an audio recording.

"I should have put the gun down, but I didn't and he [the officer] thought I was the crook," Heyward said in an ambulance interview conducted by a deputy investigator.

One of Heyward’s attorneys said, "I have absolutely no reason to believe, nor have I heard any facts, to say that he pointed the firearm at the officers or anything like that."

According to the attorney, Heyward was unable to speak late last week and couldn’t feel or move his lower body. The sheriff's office described Heyward's injuries as life-threatening.

Heyward's attorneys said today that they were still reviewing the dash-cam footage and likely would comment later this week, ABC News affiliate WCIV reported.

Asked for comment on the dash-cam video, a Charleston County Sheriff’s Office official emailed, "The dash cam video speaks for itself."

One man was charged with first-degree burglary and attempted murder for his involvement in the home invasion, the sheriff’s office said.

ABC News' request for comment today from the sheriff's office was not immediately returned.