Dog Coughs Up Missing Wedding Ring Lost 6 Years Ago

Tucker, the "food burglar," coughed up the ring that disappeared six years ago.

ByABC News
June 30, 2014, 11:44 AM

— -- When Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring six years ago, she was devastated. After checking every spot in the house, the yard, the car, and even her dog’s poop for a few weeks, she gave up.

“My husband and I had been married for 20 years at that time,” Matykowski told ABC News. “We had just upgraded the ring, and it wasn’t insured. And it wasn't just the value, but also the emotional ties. How do you replace that?”

The ring's whereabouts became clear earlier this month when Tucker, the family's dog, coughed up the truth - and the ring.

The 10-year-old Rottweiler mix adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society, is known as the “food burglar” in the house.

“He is 10 years old, but he acts like he is 2,” Matykowski said.

Last Monday, Matykowski was eating popsicles out on the yard with her two granddaughters. She noticed Tucker panting, so she got up to get some water for him.

“Just when I turned around and looked at my granddaughter, the popsicle was gone already,” Matykowski said. “And there was Tucker smacking his jaws.”

The “food burglar” had struck again, swallowing the whole popsicle, including the stick. Scared that Tucker would get sick, Matykowski immediately called the veterinarian. The veterinarian asked Matykowski to put some Vaseline between two slices of bread to help the stick come out of Tucker’s tummy.

Miraculously, Tucker coughed up the stick shortly after the incident. However, two days later, Tucker got sick again.

“He was making goofy noises, and was acting like he was going to throw up,” Matykowski said. Matykowski’s husband, Don, got Tucker out on the yard, and Tucker threw up.

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When Matykowski walked up to Tucker’s vomit with cleaning supplies in her hands, she spotted something sparkly.

There it was-- her diamond ring that disappeared six years ago.

“I screamed. I kid you not,” Matykowski said.

Matykowski brushed the ring very gently with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, and it looked exactly the same just like six year ago.

"He loves anything that smells good. He will eat whatever he could get his hands on," Matykowski said. “We try to stick to dog treats, but he is 55 pounds and his front paws can grab snacks pretty easily."

Tucker's veterinarian said the popsicle stick might have dislodged the ring. The vet also gave Tucker a full X-ray to make sure that there was no more hidden treasures in his belly.

"My friends have been telling me: 'I want a dog that throws up diamonds,'" Matykowski said. "Who wouldn't, right?"

"Tucker is a big dog on campus now. He is my hero," Matykowski said.