Dog Loses Eyes to Glaucoma, 'Younger Siblings' Take on Role of Guide Animals

"It's nice to see them step up," owner Jessica VanHusen said.

Kiaya is an Akita who lives in Waterford, Michigan, with her owner, Jessica VanHusen.

"She's my furry daughter," VanHusen told ABC News today. "She's amazing."

That's when Kiaya's "younger siblings"-- 8-year-old Cass and 2-year-old Keller-- jumped in to protect her.

"They were kind of bookends to her," VanHusen said. "They're not fiercely protective but they're always touching her. They're really respectful of her."

Dr. Gwen Sila is the veterinary ophthalmologist who operated on both of Kiaya's eyes.

"Her brothers are pretty amazing at the way they help to guide her around," Sila told ABC News. "Each of them will stand on either side of her so she doesn't bump into anything and lead her around the yard."

"Cass definitely took the role upon himself to guide her around the yard which made me of course cry my eyes out," VanHusen said. "It's adorable."

"It's been wonderful. They're my kids," VanHusen added. "It's nice to see them step up."