Dramatic Video Shows Van Submerged in Flood Waters That May Have Killed 12

Two vehicles were swept away Monday during a flash flood in Utah.

— -- Helpless onlookers captured a horrific scene on Monday as a sudden surge of water swept two vehicles that may have killed at least 12 people on the Utah-Arizona border, the Associated Press reported.

"First, I was just out there filming the flood so my husband could see it," said Virginia Black of Hildale, Utah. "And most of the video, I'm talking to him."

The video, which was shot by Black, showed the van and SUV being pulled downstream by rapid, brown waters and sending them over a bank.

"We were not able to confirm that those were the two vehicles that were involved with the three people who survived and those that had perished," Washington County's public information officer told ABC News today. "We are still looking for the last one."

"Not very good comments on Facebook and other places about the people were being careless and reckless," Black said. "They weren't. ... There was nothing that they could have done or any of us could have done."

The children who were rescued and recovered ranged from 4 years old to teenagers, authorities said.

"It's heart-wrenching, because I have children and I'm a mother -- it's just hard," Black said. "It's hard for the whole community because we're quite close. Close to each other."

Rescue crews are still searching for the final victim, authorities said.