Dry shampoo shatters glass sunroof after it overheated and exploded

The 7-ounce aerosol bottle allegedly landed nearly 50 feet away from the car.

September 23, 2019, 12:54 PM

Dry shampoo can be a quick fix for messy hair, but one St. Louis woman found out the hard way that it can cause a bigger headache if you're not careful.

"This can of dry shampoo was left in my daughter's car's middle console. The lid of the console was closed," a woman explained on Facebook. "It was hot yesterday and the can exploded. It blew the console cover off of its hinges, shot through the sunroof, and went high enough in the air that it landed about 50 feet away."

PHOTO: damage to car from exploding dry shampoo can
Christine Bader Debrecht/Facebook

Christine Bader Debrecht shared pictures of the aftermath to "hopefully prevent others from experiencing this damage or even injury."

Debrecht's post has been shared over 5,000 times and garnered over 2,000 likes.

One photo showed the green 7-ounce can with the bottom completely removed from the rest of the cylinder. The label also had a "DANGER" warning that reads "extremely flammable, container may explode if heated."

PHOTO: damage to a car roof from an exploding dry shampoo can
Christine Bader Debrecht/Facebook

"I just want to remind you (and your kids) to heed those warnings on products you may be using. Please don't leave aerosol cans (and especially dry shampoo, as this seems to be an issue with some brands) in your car," she wrote. "I am so grateful that no one was hurt."

Debrecht told ABC News her husband was the one to first discover the damage to the 2018 Honda Civic hatchback, "when he went to let the dogs out after he got home from work."

"We were shocked and bewildered. We had no idea what had happened," she explained. "It took us quite some time to solve the mystery, but my daughter finally put it all together."

She continued, "We couldn't believe it had done so much damage. We still can't believe it."

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