Duke University Student Who Allegedly Hung Noose 'No Longer On Campus'

The individual admitted to the incident, the school spokesman said.

— -- A student at Duke University has admitted to hanging a noose on a tree on campus that sparked protests throughout the week, according to school authorities.

The college announced that the individual has been identified as a result of its investigation but the person's name has not been released.

What, if any, punishment the student will face remains unknown.

"The student is no longer on campus," Duke spokesman Keith Lawrence said, declining to give any further explanation though noting that no punishment has been issued since the individual has not yet gone through the school's judicial hearing system.

"The student will be subject to Duke’s student conduct process," the school statement said.

Lawrence told ABC News that he could not speculate on the possible punishment in this case. In the past, conduct boards made up of a mix of students and faculty members have issued punishments for students found guilty that range from some form of disciplinary action to suspension or expulsion.

The investigation into the noose, which was reportedly found hanging from a tree early Wednesday morning, is ongoing as officials said they must determine if the student acted alone.

The student may also be subject to criminal charges, depending on what state and federal officials determine.