Early Christmas Gift: Baby Delivered Roadside by State Trooper

The mother and child are doing well in a nearby hospital.

— -- A Connecticut newborn had a run-in with law enforcement this morning, but there was no criminal activity involved – in fact, some might call the situation an early Christmas present.

Roadside in the pouring rain, Connecticut State Trooper Gregory Capps helped deliver six-pound-two-ounce Ebenezer Okafur near the town of Glastonbury just in time for Christmas.

Mother Itohan Oyabure-Okafur was being rushed to the hospital by her brother when baby Ebenezer apparently became impatient.

Nearby, Capps was idling on the highway’s shoulder, sheltering in his patrol car from rain that was making the roads slick, when the call went out that a woman was going into labor.

As Capps arrived at the scene, baby Ebenezer was already on his way – days earlier than expected.

Capps told ABC News that the child arrived almost immediately, and that the mother and child are doing well at the local hospital.