Elliot Rodger's Trail of Carnage

Step-by-step of Santa Barbara Killing Spree

ByABC News
May 24, 2014, 9:52 PM

May 24, 2014— -- Elliot Rodger left a trail of death as he lashed out at people by stabbing them, shooting them and hitting them with his car near the University of California Santa Barbara.

Here are the step-by-step details of Rodger's crazed attack, according to Sheriff Bill Brown.

  • Rodgers stabbed three males at his home. They were stabbed numerous times and the wounds were fatal.

  • He banged on the door of a sorority, and when no one answered the door he shot three women standing nearby, killing two and wounding one several times.
  • He drove to a deli and fatally shot Christopher Martinez.
  • Christopher Martinez's Father Rails Against "Insanity" That Resulted in Son's Death

  • Driving down the wrong side of the road, Rodger fired several rounds at people on the sidewalk.
  • He brandished a gun at a female, fired additional bullets, and turned his car around to head in another direction and traded gunfire with a sheriff's deputy who was on foot.
  • Rodger struck a pedestrian with his car.
  • He fired more shots at pedestrians.
  • At another point in his wild ride, Rodger shot yet another victim.
  • Four sheriff's deputies ran across a park to intercept him. He accelerated past them and fired at them. Three of the deputies fired, hitting his car and striking Rodger near the left hip.
  • Rodger hit the gas and was going at a high rate of speed when he struck another bicyclst. The biker was thrown on the windshield of Rodger's car, caving in the windshield.
  • Rodger's car collided with several parked cars. When police arrived he was dead from a gunshot to his head that Brown believes was self-inflicted.

Besides the six fatalities, Brown said eight others would wounded by gunfire, four by Rodger's car and one more had an injury that the cause was uncertain.Elliot Rodger Fumed Over His Inability to Get a Girfriend