FBI has 1,000 open investigations into violent white supremacy, domestic terror: Agency chief

Christopher Wray is testifying in his first hearing as FBI director.

In the past year alone, 176 people in the U.S. have been arrested on suspicion of links to domestic terrorism, he said.

Most Americans "would assume that the threat from ISIS influence is much greater, and the reality and the facts don’t support that," the Missouri senator said.

Wray said the FBI has a “significant number of agents who are working very, very hard” against domestic terrorism.

He noted that while there are no laws specifically focused on domestic terrorism, as there are for internationally-linked terrorism, federal authorities are able to charge domestic terrorism suspects with other offenses, such as for weapons violations.

He said the FBI’s 1,000 or so investigations into potential domestic terrorists are in addition to about the same number of probes by the FBI into “homegrown violent extremists” such as those who may be inspired by ISIS.