FBI Expected to Release Hillary Clinton Interview Notes and Case Documents in Coming Days

The release comes in response to several Freedom of Information Act requests.

The documents are expected to be released in the coming days in response to several requests from media organizations under the Freedom of Information Act, sources said.

It’s unclear exactly which documents will be released. But CNN — one of the media organizations to file a FOIA request and the first to report on the pending response — said the release will include the FBI’s report to the Justice Department detailing its recommendations in the case and FBI notes, known as a 302, from Clinton’s voluntary interview with agents.

In public and in private, FBI Director James Comey has repeatedly defended his recommendation that Clinton not be charged in the matter, insisting that the FBI found no evidence that she knowingly sent or received classified information over the private server. The Justice Department decided to follow the FBI’s recommendation.

Nevertheless, he has called her “extremely careless” in handling some of the nation’s secrets.