FDNY gives two-wheel surprise to boy impaled by his bike

Tyreis Morris, 9, was presented with a new bicycle after being rescued.

ByABC News
June 19, 2017, 3:33 PM

— -- A New York City boy who suffered a wound after he was impaled by his bicycle handlebars has received a gift from the firefighters who came to his aid.

Tyreis Morris took a spill near his home in Laurelton, Queens, last Saturday and emergency responders arrived to the scene within minutes.

Firefighters from Ladder 158, Engine 311 found Tyreis with a portion of his bike jammed into his thigh, but the 9-year-old didn’t seem bothered.

"He was cool as a cucumber. He was very, very smooth," firefighter Brian Martin told ABC station WABC in New York.

Tyreis’s mom credits the firefighters for her son’s unusually calm demeanor.

"They did a beautiful job. A team effort," Donna Morris told WABC. "Everybody was pitching in and they were making him comfortable."

Her son required two stitches and on Tuesday he returned home to a surprise.

With his original wheels damaged during the rescue, the group of responding firefighters decided to go beyond the call of duty and buy him a new bicycle. The generosity wasn’t lost on Tyreis.

"I think they’re very nice, very generous and they deserve a million dollars each," the grateful boy said.