Fed-Up Mom Gives 'Unappreciative Son' $39K Invoice for Her Services

She wanted to teach him a lesson -- and it worked!

— -- After an argument, one fed-up mother in Brampton, Toronto, decided to give her 23-year-old son who lives at home a wake-up call by invoicing him for more than $39,000.

The son, known on Reddit as “Chalipo,” posted the invoice to the site on March 2, and it's since gone viral.

“We got into a discussion that it doesn’t cost a lot for him to live here,” Chalipo’s mom, 51, who asked that her name not be disclosed, told ABC News today. But her son didn't get it. So she made up a mock invoice to show how much money her son costs her.

Chalipo’s mom addressed the invoice to her “Unappreciative Son” and wrote that it was “for services delivered free of charge in the last 13 months ALONE (except for Tuition – which is 5 years).” The bill came to a grand total of $39,254.17.

There were the typical charges for Internet, cable and gas. But there were also some unique charges such as “specialty meals,” “contribution towards wedding, xmas gifts, valentines” -- which she clarified was money she gave to him to buy gifts -- and a $1,000 charge for “being an a--hole and not appreciative of your mother's support.”

Chalipo, who also asked that his real name not be disclosed, said that he chuckled at the last charge. But he added that the invoice did teach him a lesson about being more appreciative of his mother.

“After a few moments of quiet reflection, I let my mom know how effective this invoice was to help me understand how much she does for me and my brother,” Chalipo said.

He added that he posted the invoice on Reddit because he knew people could get a laugh out of it, but he “had no idea it was going to make national headlines.”

But, most importantly, Chalipo wants to “embrace this situation and show my appreciation.” He said he hopes to be “successful one day to support my family and continue to do good things for my family.”

“I guess it worked,” Chalipo’s mother said.

“It helped bring us closer,” her son added. “It restored her faith in me to be a successful son.”