A Different Look at Ferguson's Michael Brown Just Days Before His Death

Slain teen graduated from high school just days before he was killed by police.

ByABC News
August 21, 2014, 6:50 PM

— -- A different view of Michael Brown has emerged in a video that is starkly different from the images previously seen of the unarmed teenager who shot dead by police in Ferguson, Missouri.

Brown, 18, is seen waiting to join the procession of graduates for Normandy High School in early August, just days before his controversial death on Aug. 9. He is wearing the traditional black cap and gown with a red sash around his neck and the tassel hanging jauntily off the back of his mortarboard.

Brown's family said that he was going to attend college in the fall.

The only other video images of Brown, who was 6-foot-4, to surface since the shooting has been in sharp contrast. Police released a surveillance video last week that showed a large man apparently stealing cigars from a convenience store. The theft occurred shortly before Brown was shot at least six times following a confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson. A Ferguson police report said that the officer who viewed the store surveillance video and saw Brown's body identified him as the prime suspect in the store robbery.