Firefighters Rescue Baby Bear from Wildfire, Name It 'Smokey Junior'

The cub was spotted by Florida firefighters in the midst of the blaze.

April 08, 2016, 3:22 AM

— -- Leave it to a group of firefighters to find an orphaned cub in the midst of brush fire, and in a nod to the iconic firefighting bear "Smokey," name the adorable animal "Smokey Junior."

That's exactly what happened in Central Florida Thursday evening, when firefighters rescued the baby bear.

Fire crews from Lake County -- located in Central Florida near Orlando -- were battling a brush fire that had burned through more than 250 acres when they stumbled upon "Smokey Junior" wondering alone.

The rescued bear weighed in at roughly 15-20 lbs. Firefighters nicknamed the foundling "SJ" -- short for "Smokey Junior."

Officials said the baby bear had slight burns on its paws and face from the fire. The mother hasn't been found.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers will evaluate the cub's health and will hopefully be able to release it back into the wild.

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