Fireworks explode in Houston man's car trunk on New Year's Eve

More than 600 fireworks were ignited by accident.

ByABC News
January 2, 2018, 2:55 PM

— -- Amid the fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve: a man's car trunk was set ablaze in a Houston, Texas, parking lot.

Hurara Hassan’s trunk exploded in a massive light show after a lit firework fell on top of the more than 600 packaged fireworks he had stashed in the trunk, according to ABC affiliate KTRK in Houston.

The incident occurred during a parking lot party where people were setting off fireworks to celebrate the holiday.

Hassan chronicled the burnt packaging and destroyed interior of his Dodge Charger in a video.

His friend Issa Sham's car suffered minor paint damage from the popping fireworks. No one was injured in the explosion, reported KTRK.

Sham told KTRK he's thankful that everyone was OK.

Jonathan Garza witnessed the explosion, and posted video of it on social media.

Fireworks can be seen popping in every direction and dark smoke is seen billowing out of the Charger's windows.

Hassan said his car is in need of serious repair, but told KTRK he isn’t worried about the cost of fixing it.

As for next New Year’s Eve? “I'll go do the fireworks again, but I'll make sure the trunk is closed next time," he told KTRK.