Man Says His Truck Was Stolen and Returned with Woman's Dead Body

PHOTO: The body of a woman was found on an empty lot in Homestead, Fla.PlayLocal 10/ABC News
WATCH Florida Police Investigate Dead Body Mystery

Miami police are investigating a bizarre murder mystery in which a Florida man says the body of woman found on his property was dumped there by an unknown suspect who stole his truck.

Police in the Miami suburb of Homestead were called early Monday morning by Jesus Rodriguez to report his pickup truck was stolen.

When police arrived around 2 a.m., Rodriguez says he and cops witnessed a man return the truck with a woman's body wrapped in plastic in a lot adjacent to his home and then proceed to run. The police gave chase.

"He brought the truck back to the vacant lot next door. I came out with my gun drawn. The police saw me and together we went up and we saw the body in two plastic bags. The guy took off running and both of us pursued," Rodriguez told

Homestead's police department does not have a homicide unit and turned the murder investigation over the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Miami police would not confirm the details of Rodriguez's account. Homestead police would only confirm that the body was discovered while investigating the missing vehicle, but would not say whether police officers were present when the truck was returned.

"No, I do not think police pursued a suspect," said Homestead spokesman Det. Fernando Moralez, who referred questions to Miami-Dade.

Rodriguez said a copy of his truck's keys were stolen at a basketball game he and his wife attended three weeks ago. In recent days the couple noticed that the gas level in the truck was lower some mornings than it had been the night before, leading them to believe the truck was being stolen while they slept and then returned, he told

Cops have not yet identified the body, which has been described as that of a black female.