Flash flooding strikes from Colorado to Maryland

Flash flooding struck from Colorado to Maryland on Tuesday.

Flash flooding on Tuesday stretched all the way from Colorado to Maryland.

Arlington, Virginia, saw one to two inches of rain in about an hour, while in Fort Collins, Colorado, heavy rain combined with a downpour of hail to fill streets and stall vehicles in less than one hour.

Some parts of central Florida have seen almost a foot-and-a-half of rain over the last 10 days, and more is likely on the way.

Regardless of any tropical development, very heavy rain is coming to Florida and parts of the Southeast. Abundant tropical moisture will bring numerous showers and thunderstorms across Florida, especially Saturday through Monday, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Three to six inches or more of rain is expected across the already saturated state of Florida.

With a lot more rain in the forecast from this potential tropical system, Florida and the Southeast will need to be on alert for additional flooding rains throughout the holiday weekend.