Flash flooding sweeps across the country as record heat hits from Texas to California

Flash flood watches are in effect this week from South Carolina to New York.

Downpours have triggered flash flooding across the country, with torrential rainfall shutting down highways in Colorado and prompting floodwater rescues in New Mexico.

Parts of Maryland are also underwater, as in Pennsylvania, where the rain closed Hershey Park.

Some areas in the Mid-Atlantic are approaching 10 inches of rain already, with more to come.

Meanwhile, record heat is enveloping the West.

Waco, Texas, saw its highest ever-recorded temperature of 114 degrees Monday.

It even reached a scorching 122 degrees Monday in Thermal, California, in the Coachella Valley.

And the heat isn't over.

Highs Tuesday will be in the triple digits from Southern California to Oregon.

It's expected to reach 113 degrees in Las Vegas, 103 in Dallas and 102 in Burbank this week.