Mason Holland's Outburst on the Court, Could Land Him Court

PHOTO: Mason Hollands Outburst on the Court, Could Land Him Court
Basketball Player Slams Referee to the Floor, Could Face Felony ChargesPlayABC News
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A Florida high school basketball player may face felony charges for battery on a sports official, after slamming a referee into the court Monday night.

Mason Holland, 18, has been suspended from school and won't be allowed to play again for DeSoto County High School .

Holland pushed an opposing player in the face, during the game between rival high schools DeSoto County and Port Charlotte. Referee Jim Hamm called Holland for a technical foul, and Holland responded by pushing Hamm, then picking him up and throwing him to the floor.

The athlete's outburst was captured on video from Monday's which has gone viral on YouTube, with nearly 125,000 hits in just one day.

DeSoto County Superintendent Adrian Cline said Holland's reaction to the call was "extraordinary and an unbelievable sight." He said he had "not encountered anything like this before." Cline told ABC News, that Holland cannot participate in extracurricular activities again.

The school system has suspended Holland for 10 days, while the Florida State Attorney's office decides whether or not to file felony charges against him.

If Holland is charged with a felony he will be expelled and placed in an alternative high school.

But Holland told ABC News today, "I am going to school finish school, I've already come this far and am not giving up now."

Holland was adopted when he was 6 years old, after being born to a crack-cocaine addicted mother, according to his adoptive father, Samuel Holland. The elder Holland said Mason, "has been treated for anger management issues since puberty."

Mason Holland has not spoken to Hamm, the referee, since the incident, and said "if I could take it back, I would."

The referee could not be reached for comment.